May 20th is Everybody Draw Mohamed Day!!

Using whatever artistic skills you possess (even if it’s simply a poor grasp of Windows Paint) draw a depiction of the Islamic prophet Mohamed. This is a culmination of the backlash against the violent extremism emanating from not only those who follow the Koran but also those of other or no religion that allow and support this hatred, bigotry and hypocrisy that threatens to enslave the will.

Feel free to post any pictures in the comments section, or any opinions you have regarding this day.

‘They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security’ – Benjamin Franklin.


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10 Responses to “May 20th is Everybody Draw Mohamed Day!!”

  1. Mohammed Faleel Says:

    In Islam there is no no compulsion in religion. Every human being is free to subscribe to whatever he believes in. Islam teaches its followers to respect other religions existing side by side with Islam. As Muslims it is fundamental for us to believe in all four divine religions namely Judaism, Christianity, Zaboor as revealed to Prophet David (PBUH) and Islam.
    It is blasphemy to cast aspersions on any of these great prophets as we believe. We as civilized people should not be disrespectful to other religions and their prophets. Please disengage yourselves from this act of sacrilege by requesting whoever to draw or sketch about the Prophet of Islam. We as civilized people should strive to find common grounds between the different religions instead of dividing and sowing hatred between the people. Hope sanity prevails.

    • rationalrepublic Says:

      Sanity is the loss of will to harm or kill for slights of ego. I agree with you that respect is key to allowing us to comport ourselves in a civilised manner. However, there are limits to respect. Would we respect a man who rapes five year old girls merely because he demands it of us? Absolutely not, and we would be wise to deny him this respect. Respect is not a garnish upon beliefs, it is something earned through actions. The killing of Theo van Gogh does not inspire within me any deep sympathy for Islam. It inspires the opposite, fueled by my deep passion for rational debate and humane tendencies. As ever with life, the most of us are defined by the extreme, and while we are ever required to take with a pinch of salt the tune which extremists conduct themeslves to, there is a grain of truth that is gleamed from their proceedings. Islam is not all-inclusive. Like any other religion it relies upon in- and out-groups, shaping its views of this life and the afterlife upon the simple fact of belonging. While this ritual may have served ancient peoples that knew nothing of cosmopolitanism or the cosmos, it is a tired old rhetoric that forces itself upon the enlightened of today. Self censorship should not be instilled due to hurt feelings or egos, but dismissed BECAUSE of these issues, in order to gain a clarity not yet grasped by the majority. We all must be open to others points of view, and when confronted with criticism be able to establish a defense on a clear playing field. If we are unable to do this, we must question our own (even deep-seated) beliefs, in order to remain true to ourselves. Only in this way may be advance ever closer to the truth.

  2. rationalrepublic Says:

    ‘We as civilized people should strive to find common grounds between the different religions’. This is not about religious jostling. This is about, as you most eloquently put it, civilised people. Some civilised people do not belong to a religion, and that is alright. Some civilised people express themselves through different mediums, and that too is alright. What civilised people don’t do is threaten, attack, and slaughter people who choose either of these options. Being offended is merely a reality in this wonderfully diverse experience we call life. Merely being offended, personally slighted, or having your feelings hurt is no justification for violence under any circumstances in any society that would label itself ‘civilised’. This initiative is not one based upon faith or the belief in an absolute, but for the protection and moral dignity of humanity. Like many other people, I too share your hope that sanity prevails.

  3. Calvin Says:

    C’mon now, what is the big deal. Someone wants to draw Mohammed, Jesus Christ or Ronald McDonald, so what. Who cares? Only religeous fanatics, thats who. Get a grip and go about your business and leave the rest of us alone.

  4. James Says:

    In Islam there is no no compulsion in religion.

    What the f— ? Lets see they still stone people ,impale them on pointed sticks, force even visitors to there countries to follow there medieval
    practices etc. etc. and they talk about being civilized ?

    They are so full of dogma that they cant see the hypocrisy or is it just part of the mid game they play as they move towards the end game ?

  5. Sheila Says:

    What ticks me off BIG TIME is the phoney Hypocrisy of these people. They screech and whine about the West, America in particular, as waging a war against islam. When it is the very opposite. They are the ones waging war against the west and ALL other religions, i.e. the taliban destroying the ancient images of the Buddha in afghanistan for just one instance. They are the ones that screech “death to the infidels” (ones not subscribing to THEIR religion). They are the ones that are intolerant, they CHOOSE to move to other countries and force their beliefs on us, i.e., the pakistanis’ that demonstrate in the UK because they think the culture is too loose. If you don’t like the culture of a country then DON’T MOVE THERE. They are the ones that commit acts of violence and threaten everyone to get their way and claim they are peaceful. They complain about being marginalized but refuse to understand that if that is true it’s because of how THEY ACT. If I went to one of their countries I would be forced, sometimes on pain of death, to cover up, I have to respect them but they can come to my country and not respect me, burn my flag, etc. They like to whine about freedom of expression but do allow it in their own countries. I don’t care what religion people are for the most part but I am SICK of their hypocritical lying and double talk. They think by screaming loud enough, making threats of violence, and calling everyone else a bigot, they can shut us up and slowly take over. I’m sick of them and say we ALL NOT SHUT UP. FIGHT BACK BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

    • rationalrepublic Says:

      Civilsed – verb (used with object), -lized, -liz·ing. To bring out of a savage, uneducated, or rude state; make civil; elevate in social and private life; enlighten; refine: Rome civilized the barbarians.

      I can not agree more with you. It is time everybody owned up to their actions, not cited some ‘god'(that’s right, small ‘g’) for thier horrific atrocities.

  6. Garvin Says:

    I’m thinking about printing rolls of toilet paper with famous leaders portraits on it, anybody interested in wiping out my inventory.

  7. nathan Says:

    its too bad i missed it, next year I am going to draw a big picture though.

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